Remember how every time I cook chicken I either burn the chicken (or make it too dry) or burn myself. 

Well two days ago I made it perfectly. 

…today I burned my hand because I had put the skillet pan in the oven after searing the chicken and when I went to turn it around on the stove I grabbed it with my bare hand. 

…..sooooooo….that’s a thing. 

I clearly need someone to come live with me and keep me from becoming injured by chicken. 

Gave a presentation for my company in front of 30 medical students with more schooling that me by years.

Totally aced it. Also, my favorite guy from the lab is taking the class and so I got to give him a hug cause he’s hid himself down on A Level doing magic and I never see him.

Score one for former anthropology student/Zero for awesome medical students.

The Recruiting of Agentsex by Andy Blake


One problem I constantly run into when discussing Andy Blake, is that most people don’t understand the sheer SCALE of manipulation we’re actually dealing with. Andy Blake is not just a manipulator; he’s a Master Manipulator.

So, well, since Agentsex so obligingly provided us with a case study, I figured I’d give people a taste of it.

Please note that I’m not saying that my speculations ARE what happened. Of course not: unlike some people, I’ve never claimed to know what other people are thinking.

I’m just giving an idea of what this interview looks like from the point of view of someone who was manipulated by such a Master Manipulator for years. You people don’t have to accept it - but I challenge you to find a better explanation to everything that happens around Andy.

A quick reminder of the setting: Agentsex has offered to interview Andy by phone. She has her computer turned on and available.

Let’s start.

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This is the most beautiful, well put together thing I have EVER read. When I was reading the transcript I knew something was off and this was exactly it - you nailed it perfectly. 

I remember looking at interviews of trialed cult leaders and manipulators and this is what happens to them - it’s creepy and agentsex is falling beautifully into Andy’s trap without him even having to do much work.